7 Essential Summertime Skincare Tips

7 Essential Summertime Skincare Tips

Posted by Nature Loves You Skincare on Apr 22nd 2018

Summer is a wonderful time of the year— the perfect time to play, relax, kick back, and unwind. While the skin’s needs change during the different seasons, summer is not the time to neglect your skincare routine. It is imperative to protect your skin from the sun, heat, & humidity. By just following a few tips, you can enjoy summer to the fullest while keeping your skin fresh, glowing, and radiant.

1) Exfoliate for clearer, smoother skin. Exfoliation removes old and tired skin cells from your upper dermis to reveal new smoother skin. This process helps tremendously to clear out pores, thus improving the skin’s ability to stay moisturized.

2) Keep skin & body hydrated. Water is your best friend in the summer. Dehydration is a serious issue during those hot months and the sun can dry your skin through excessive sweating. Make sure to drink at least eight 8-oz glasses of water throughout the day. Maintaining moisture balance is critical for great skin and detoxification.

3) Apply sunscreen liberally (as much as you need). Hopefully, you are already applying sunscreen when in the direct sunlight, but it’s even more important in the summertime. Dermatologists recommend using a sunscreen with a SPF (sun protection factor) of at least 30. Look for formulas with zinc oxide, which are ideal for all skin types as they don't cause breakouts and tend to feel lightweight on the skin.

4) Don’t forget the lips. Your lips need protection from the sun as well. (Yes, your lips can get sunburned!) Use a lip balm with SPF agent, even if you’re putting lipstick on, too.

5) Use non-comedogenic products. During the summer, the last thing you want to do is mix sweat and dirt with your pores. Use a moisturizer that provides superior hydration without making your face feel heavy or clogged. Be sure to check that your moisturizer is non-comedogenic (non-pore clogging), whether the moisturizer is water or oil-based.

6) Avoid the harsh stuff (even if it is all the rage). If you plan to spend a lot of time in the sun, then you should avoid creams, peels, scrubs, and other products containing glycolic acid, salicylic acid, or retinoids. These treatments can make your skin more sensitive to sunlight, thus causing painful peeling, cracking, and burning. If you must use them, wear a hat and sunscreen to protect your face. Follow this advice as well if you’re taking certain medications, such as tetracycline, which also can make you more prone to sunburn and peeling.

7) Treat sun damage immediately. So you tried your best to follow these techniques, but you still managed to get sunburned. No worries. Be sure to treat your skin immediately. Aloe Vera is the perfect remedy for sunburned & blistered skin. There are several ways to apply it: you can cut the leaves of the plant and apply the sap onto the skin. Or you can purchase commercial aloe vera oil and apply it to the sunburn. Either way, place the aloe vera plant or oil in the refrigerator before application to immediately cool the skin. This should help alleviate the discomfort of the burn.