Why Putting Oil on Your Face is a Great Idea

Why Putting Oil on Your Face is a Great Idea

Posted by Nathan Townsie, Founder on Jul 17th 2018

If you would have told me to put oil on my face at age 16, I probably would have given you some choice words for your crazy skincare suggestion. At that age, all I knew about skin and skincare was that oil was the evil culprit to be avoided at all costs. From body lotion, hair grease, to greasy food, anything containing oil was the perceived source of my terrible acne, frequent breakouts, and shiny skin. After years of frustration with failed skincare regimes, ranging from Accutane, Pro-Activ, Murad, Clenziderm, I happened upon an article regarding oil cleansing. From there, I learned so much about the skin.

One of the most essential things that I learned was that the skin produces its own oil to stay moisturized. Though obvious at first glance, this observation revealed a key truth- if the body produces oil for itself, then it needs oil to remain healthy. For much of my teenage and adult life, I did everything to rid my face of any oil. I used drying alcohol-based astringents. I washed my face with cleansers and soaps that had oil-stripping surfactants & salicylic acid. I used oil-free moisturizers. My face, in response, produced more oil and I suffered the vicious cycle of breakouts and razor bumps.

Just as removing oil from the skin tells the body to produce more oil, placing oil on the face tells the body to produce less. Thus, putting oil on my face actually made my skin less oily, thus reducing the frequency of breakouts and adult acne. It was revolutionary and bewildering at the same time. If this simple natural technique was so beneficial for my skin, why hadn't the dozens of dermatologists I visited ever suggested it? Certainly, they were formally trained on the best skincare techniques and procedures. I guess the answer lies in the price tag. It is much more lucrative to have your client continuously paying for expensive doctor's visits and even more expensive prescriptions/skincare kits than to have your patient purchase inexpensive oils from a health food store. One involves total reliance on the doctor, whereby the doctor is the gatekeeper of the prescription, the proprietary skincare kit, and the needed advice. The other involves reliance on self, learning how your skin responds to various carrier oils, and taking ownership of your own skincare.

After all those years of dissatisfaction with ineffective medicines, creams, toners, and pills, I simplified. Now my skincare routine? I wash my face with a mild organic shea butter soap, and moisturize with our Moisturizing Rejuvenation Serum at night & our 4-in-1 Shave Oil by day.

Give it a try. After washing your face with a mild, gentle cleanser, put a calming oil on afterwards. You can try our effective products or one of the many noncomedogenic oils: jojoba, evening primrose, safflower, sunflower, argan, pumpkin seed, & black cumin.

Let us know how it works for you. We'd love to hear from you.