Winter Skincare Tips

Winter Skincare Tips

Posted by Nature Loves You Skincare on Dec 21st 2017

During the harsh winter months, cold weather can be very drying, even to the supplest of skin. Here are some useful tips to prevent dry, itchy skin during the cold season.

#1) Moisturize daily with an oil-based moisturizer.

Oil-based moisturizers seal in moisture much better than their water-based counterparts. The key to supple skin is to lock in as much moisture as possible, and oil forms a barrier that prevents water from escaping the skin. Use a non-comedogenic oil based moisturizer, such as Nature Loves You Skincare’s Moisturizing Rejuvenation Serum or 4-in-1 Shave Oil.

#2) Avoid hot water.

A hot shower/bath may feel like a pleasant respite from the cold winter weather, but it can actually cause more drying to the skin. Long periods in hot water (10 minutes or more) can remove the top layer of necessary oils from the skin, thus leading to moisture evaporating from the skin.

#3) Your Lather Matters.

Your choice of soap can also be the cause of dry skin. Many soaps are excellent for removing dirt, grime, and, unfortunately, oil. During the winter months, our skin needs protective skin oils more than ever. We recommend using a gentle vegetable based soap, such as Shea Butter or Coconut.

#3) Stay hydrated.

The cold weather may make you feel less thirsty, but your body needs just as much water in the winter as it does in the summer. Drink plenty of water and avoid too much coffee, tea, or soda.

#4) Exfoliate.

Get rid of dry, dead skin with a gentle scrub. Here’s a simple at-home recipe: Combine a high quality oil (like sunflower for sensitive/acneic, coconut for normal, olive for mature skin) and sea salt. Start with a freshly washed face, and rub on skin in a circular motion for 60 seconds. Rinse well and moisturize.

#5) Wear lip balm.

Don’t forget to protect your lips from the dry air by applying a good lip balm, such as Chapstick, Carmex, or Burt’s Bees. It is not fashionable to have a supple, nourished face with dry, cracked lips.

#6) Increase the Humidity.

Using a humidifier may be a great investment for those suffering with dry, itchy skin. Humidifiers add a significant amount of moisture to the air, thus alleviating the moisture loss of wintertime.

#7) Avoid Acne Treatments

You may need to seek alternative remedies for your facial maintenance. Acne treatments tend to be extremely drying, and your skin may not be able to handle both the drying winter weather and the even harsher drying acne medications.