Our Story

The idea for Nature Loves You Skincare began when first-time father Nathan Townsie developed a keen interest in personal care products after the birth of his son. While researching pediatrician-recommended solutions for his newborn’s eczema, Nathan realized that the majority of the skincare products contained harsh, unsafe, synthetic chemicals. After he continued to research and discovered that many of the ingredients were well documented environmental toxins, he sought out healthy, beneficial, toxin-free alternatives.

With a passion for natural ingredients and his own son as inspiration, Nathan Townsie created Nature Loves You Skincare. A long-time sufferer of problem skin himself, he committed to creating effective, organic skincare that alleviated skincare concerns through natural solutions. Nathan began a 4 year long research and formulation process to address all of his family’s skincare needs — everything from acne to oily/dry/sensitive skin to razor bumps to fine lines and wrinkles.

Desiring the most effective, organic, and ethical products, Nature Loves You Skincare developed distinctively pure USDA Organic Certified products, sourced with premium raw ingredients, while remaining a cruelty-free, GMO-free company. The result has been a superior luxurious line of efficacious organic skincare, with more to come in the future.