Our Story

Nature Loves You Skincare was formulated with one goal in mind: to create effective, ethical, organic skincare that alleviates skincare concerns using natural solutions. Inspired by our founder’s passion for natural healing and wellness, our goal is to offer the highest level of skin nutrition for amazing, satisfactory results.

Our story began when our founder & first-time father, Nathan, developed a keen interest in personal care products after the birth of his son. While researching pediatrician-recommended solutions for his newborn’s eczema, Nathan discovered that the majority of skincare products contained harsh, unsafe, synthetic chemicals. Realizing that many of the ingredients were well documented environmental toxins, he sought out healthy, beneficial, toxin-free alternatives.

Four years later, Nature Loves You Skincare was born. With a passion for natural ingredients and our founder's son as inspiration, Nature Loves You Skincare developed distinctively pure USDA Organic Certified products that combined vitamin-rich botanicals with concentrated plant essentials for exceptional skin health. The result has been a superior luxurious line of efficacious organic skincare, with more to come in the future.



Nature Loves You Skincare has its ethos in its name. Love. Plain and simple. Love for God, love for community, and love for you. Our mission is to combine effective skincare with ethical considerations & social responsibility.

All of our products are USDA Organic Certified, GMO-free, toxin-free, and highly beneficial for all skin types. We pride ourselves on our Cruelty-free status through PETA and our commitment to help our communities in need. We donate a portion of our time and profits to various charities, in both the local and international communities.