Skincare Question: Can I Use An Oil-Based Serum on my Oily Skin?

Skincare Question: Can I Use An Oil-Based Serum on my Oily Skin?

Posted by Nature Loves You Skincare on Jan 30th 2020

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Often times, those of us with oily skin are afraid to participate in celebrated beauty trends. For so many years, oil was demonized as the "evil culprit" behind our skin issues. Acne, pimples, blemishes, etc. If you were a teenager in the 1990s or 2000s, then you remember that oil-free skincare products were all the rage. Unfortunately, those products exacerbated the problems by forcing our skin into the vicious cycle of extreme dryness, oil overproduction, additional skin blemishes, cursing "evil oil", and applying more oil-free products.

Fortunately, good science has prevailed and shown us that applying oil to our skin communicates to our skin receptors to stop over-producing oil. And... Research has shown people with acne-prone skin already have high amounts of oleic acid and low amounts of linoleic acid present in the skin. This means it's important to select oils that contain higher amounts of linoleic acid and lower amounts of oleic acid to help balance the skin.

Here are the oils I recommend. Cold-pressed oils are best to receive the maximum amount of nutrients and benefits for your skin.

• Evening Primrose

• Pumpkin Seed Oil

• Hemp Seed Oil

• Safflower (High Linoleic) 

• Jojoba

• Meadowfoam