Transitioning to a Fall Skincare Routine

Transitioning to a Fall Skincare Routine

Posted by Nature Loves You Skincare on Sep 2nd 2019

Fall is getting close and it's time to switch up our skincare routine. Our Spring/Summer Skincare challenges are different from the Fall/Winter. With less humidity and colder temperatures, we have to protect our skin differently.

Try a thicker moisturizer. A thicker moisturizer is necessary for the colder months when air is dry with no moisture.

Moisturize the whole body, not just the face. The humidity of the summer can deceive us into believing our skin is hydrated. To enjoy excessive itch, moisture the whole body.

Cut back on exfoliation. The air is thinner and drier in the fall/Winter and too much exfoliation can lead to bitter, chapped skin.

Load up on antioxidants. The summertime is so much fun and it's easy to have depleted the body of vital antioxidants. Drink green tea, hemp oil, and apply a great vitamin-rich serum.

Invest in a humidifier. Fall and winter are notoriously dry, and hard to imagine during the humid summer. When skin is parched and dry, simply adding humidity to the air can be a lifesaver.