What makes your products different from other skincare products on the market?

Nature Loves You Skincare prides itself on being a company that helps alleviate skincare concerns through natural solutions. Our formulations are effective, ethical, and USDA Organic Certified. Each of our products was developed with sensitive, acneic, dry, and problem skin in mind, and is efficacious for all skin types. We offer healthy skincare products for women and men, with more to come in the future. Our ethos is to be free: cruelty free, GMO-free, synthetic free, paraben free, toxin free, PEG free, and artificial fragrance free. Sadly though, our products are not free.

Are your products noncomedogenic?

Yes, our products were created with sensitive, acneic, dry, and problem skin in mind. Our formulas are highly effective in providing superior skin nutrition without clogging pores.

Are your products GMO-Free?

Yes, our products proudly bear the USDA Organic Certified seal which prohibits the use of GMO ingredients.

Are your products Gluten-Free?

Our products have not been tested for gluten, which means that some ingredients could contain gluten not specified by the raw material supplier. If you have sensitivities, we suggest conducting a patch test prior to using any product. Here’s how: place a small amount on the inside of the wrist or inner thigh and look for a reaction. If any redness or irritation, discontinue use immediately.

Do you test on animals?

No, Nature Loves You Skincare does not conduct product or ingredient tests on animals. We hold our products to the highest ethical standard and proudly bear the Cruelty-free symbol.

How long will my products stay fresh? What is the best way to store them?

All of our products are oil-based and waterless, thus giving them a long shelf life. Once opened, we recommend using our products within 12 months. To maintain the integrity of the product, store in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight, heat, humidity, and excessive moisture.