Skin Care Tip: Eczema Relief

Eczema is such a terrible disease. The itching can be unbearable and may led to other health issues if not properly addressed. In honor of our soon-to-be released Eczema Relief Balm, here's a few tips:

Wash in warm or cool water, but never hot. Warm/cool water calms skin irritation and reduces itch, while hot water inflames skin and causes further irritation.

The key to reducing itch is locking in moisture. Eczema skin has a thinner skin barrier which allows moisture to escape much easier. Dry skin leads to itching, itching leads to scratching and further irritation. After washing, immediately lock in moisture on your damp skin. Using a thick moisturizer with colloidal oatmeal traps much needed moisture while soothing & healing irritated skin.


Be on the lookout for our Eczema Relief Balm. We will be taking pre-orders very soon! Stay tuned!


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